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Glucosamine G+ 2+1

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ENERGY-LIVE ® G+ high Quality liquid glucosamine
Your family’s the best choice-to be more flexible and comfortable!
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Latest German biotech research and development, ALL NEW advanced liquid drink.

Quality Satisfaction Guarantee!

No alcohol, no coloring, no sugar, no spices, completely free of any drug ingredients; no preservatives added.

Meet nutrition and health needs of vegans!

Thoughtful design! Special for elderly, to be good at swallowing capsules, tablets medicine.

Unique “vegan” ingredients formula ,well absorb and no waste!

Each 20cc equivalent the effect of six capsules! Without excessive burden in swallowing

Complete nutritional formula:

Glucosamine (Aspergillus chitin), chondroitin (Aspergillus mucopolysaccharides), collagen (collagen-alginate), curcumin, lycopene, pine bark extract, horsetail, blueberries enzymes, zinc.

Who may concern:

Intense athlete or the elderly over 50.

Often carry heavy loads and frequent squatting;

Often work in air-conditioned rooms.


1. Shake evenly before use; drink 20cc 30 minutes before meals (morning and evening times, last 1-2 months), also can be diluted in cold 100CC water.

2. The product is a natural ingredient extracted by SGS, vegan edible; its contents color will vary slightly due to different harvest season.

3. Please place in the refrigerator after opening. This product adds natural antibacterial agent (PL-1 lactobacillus) to alternate preservative content, edible within 60 days.


Packing: 500ml / bottle

Preserved: Keep dry and ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight


Origin: Germany