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Namano Koso

The wisdom of brewing tradition
Namano Koso chosen to keep the health of masters
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The wisdom of brewing tradition

Namano Koso chosen to keep the health of masters

People say they feel the force of life of super high pressure when they enter into the wine cellar of Sawada Brewing.  We believe it is the power of yeast that inhabit the cellar.  Making use of yeast that has inhabited the distillery (brewery) for 120 years, Sawada Company., Ltd. is making Japanese wine and healthy food such as enzyme and yeast.  Sawada Company., Ltd. was founded in 1830, and is widely known for NARA’s famous wine [kankiko] since it started the brewing industry in 1889.

The starting point of manufacturing fermented health food such as enzyme and yeast was when the Distillery scholar Swada Teiji, the fourth owner cultivated fermented extract in 1935 to keep the health of masters working for brewery.  Since then, in 1965 when Sawada Sadako, who was a musician and professor of Takaratsuka Music School  was the fifth owner, Professor Morishita  who is MD and member of the International Natural Medicine Association inspected Sawada Brewing, liquid enzyme was commercialized under the Professor’s guidance.

More than 100 raw material carefully selected

Radish,  carrot, cabbage, Napa cabbage, burdock, lotus root, plum, Shitake mushroom, seaweed, kelp, pineapple, purple cabbage, sunny lettuce, pumpkin, cucumber, melon cucumber, papaya mango, orange, dott, celery, egg plant, tomato, crown daisy, cauliflower, water melon, green moss, dakasi, pingji, saradana, lettuce, spinach, bok choy, ashitaba, asian plantain, liquorice, pine mushroom, green vegetables, maitake, onion, Yangmomil, chinese matrimony vine, broccoli, potato, lily root, sweet potato, kidney bean, ginner, pepper, okura, chives, parsley, stone parsley, myoga, green pepper, mandarin orange, enokitake, loquat, asparagus, persimmon, green onion, brown rice, barley, Chinese pearl barley, hog millet, sesame, meneghi, pear, radish tops, lemon, bean sprouts, moroheiya, butterbur, gardenia seeds, bamboo shoot, taro stem, fatsia shotts, benincasa hispida, goya, banana, melon, tsukini, taro, strawberry, yuzu, wasabi, grape, plum, kabos, edible chrysanthemum, yungji seaweed, mozuku, equisetum arvense, tumeric, silver vine, loquat, red bean, black bean, green soybean

Yeast fungus handed down in brewing born from the distilling technology of 120 years or more

Namano Koso is made by fermenting such carefully chosen raw materials as vegetables, fruits, and seaweeds with brown sugar, going through the first fermentation, the second fermentation, and 2-3 years of fermentation process.  The first fermentation for one year starts at a traditional distillery, and it is a major feature of this fermentation process that it gives birth to high function that does not exist with other companies because yeast fuguns, laketoadozis is used, which has been handed down in Sawada distillery, born from the brewing technology  of 120 years.

Namano Koso is made this way!

Ferment about 100 kinds of carefully chosen materials such as vegetables, fruits, mushroom, wild grass, beans, and nuts together with brown sugar without adding water.

The first fermentation of 1 year starts at a traditional distillery.

(Fermentation is accomplished using 120-year old yeast in the warehouse handed down in the distillery)

In addition, it is slowly fermented and matured for 1-2 years. (2nd fermentation)

Dry while keeping the activation of abundant enzyme without heating the original extract, make clear rice wine yeast and bread yeast into a granule form as is and include enzyme extract as is.

Add (adhesion action) fructooligosaccharide which increase useful behuiz fungus in the intestine and which has the action of cleaning the intestines.

Coat with a new barley sprout and make a finished product equipped with all the safety standards for customers.

Oxidation Reduction test

Prove the reduction power that Namano Koso (vegetable extract mineral)

(Tap water is rapidly reduced by Namano Koso)

① The tap water in a glass cup displays 740 mv.

②  If you put Nmano Koso in a glass water, you can check that it is rapidly reduced.

③ After a little while, you can confirm that it is reduced down to -140.

* Promote “reduction action” by adjusting mineral balance in a body.

In other words, it has the power of returning what is oxidized – the power to turn into alkali).

* This is a proof that rhere are more than 4-billion yeast and enzyme living in one pocket (2g).


Starch degrading test

Starch degrading test by living enzyme

Activate metabolism by saving digestive enzyme in a body

① Dissolve starch powder, heat, turn into a sticky state, cool and make it harder.

② Put in Namano Koso in it and stir with a spoon.

③ You can confirm that the hard starch is changed into liquid after a while.

* Arrives at an intestine in a living state, degrades starch (carbonhydrate + sugar) and get rid of over obsorbed sugar!

* Increase beneficial fungus inside instestines, and discharges corrupted material and wastes – support substituting a diet


Glycolysis  test

Make sure to test because it is easy to prove that yeast is living and the yeast eat and perform glycolysis.

① Put 1-2T sugar in 100ml of lukewarm water of about 40 ⁰C

②Put Nanomi Koso in it. (Do not mix)

③ After 4-5 minutes, Nanomi Koso eats sugar and fermentation starts.

Bubble is generated and it is fermented with tremendous power.

*The living yeast arrives at intestines and reacts as such in our bodies as well.

* When Nanomi Koso is put in, the living yeast look for sugar right away.

* Yeast eats sugar and degrades( fermentation).


① Put raw eggs in two glasses and stir both of them well.

② Put Nanomi Koso in the right glass cup, stir well and leave for a while.

③ Pour hot water into both and stir well.

④ You can confirm that the right one with Nanomi Koso is in a milk shake state without any lumps as protein and fat are degraded.

*On the other hand, you can check that the left side where Nanomi Koso is not added has fat hardened and deposited from heating.

Is your intestine clean?

Normalization of environment in intestine is a short cut to beauty and health.

There are about 100 kinds of bacteria of more than 10-billion inhabiting in the intestines, helping normal functioning of colon.  These bacteria are divided into beneficial bacteria and harmful bacteria, and opportunity bacteria that are neither bad nor good.  Literally, the beneficial bacteria chooses good thing, harmful bacteria chooses bad thing, and the opportunity bacteria chooses the fungus of the excellent side.  Inside your intestine, the beneficial bacteria and harmful bacteria are always struggling for spheres.

Now, which is superior in your intestines?

* Comparison of bacteria of people with a lot of enzyme in the body and those who don’t

People with much enzyme inside the intestines:  4-6% harmful bacteria

Those with little enzyme inside the intestines: beneficial bacteria 0.1% or less

Nanomi Koso: Includes traditional *Clear rice wine yeast that Japan cultivation has made through distillery technology  and bread yeast are included in a living state.  The number of living yeast is more than 4-billion per a packet (2g)

* Clear rice wine yeast is unique yeast inhabiting in the distillery for 120 years.

General health food

Bacteria dies from heating.

Enzyme is dead from heat.

Has not reduction power and is oxidized.

The result of decades of research by Dr. Morishita Keiich!

Commercialize in the form that is absorbed the fastest.

Japanese MD Morishita Keiichi

*Current position Director of  Ochano Mizu Clinic

*Honorary professor of Georgia Tbilisi National Medical School

*Honorary professor of Josun University, Korea

*Honorary member of Longevity Committee of Georgia and Armenia

*Professor of Medical School in Simyang, China, etc.

He has gained international recognition by especially proposing “Silkroad Longevity village (1987) along with 30-years of longevity study based on new blood physiology such as suggesting intestine blood generation theory and distal blood space theory.  In the Morishita Clinic established in 1970, he realized “Natural health diet for cancer and chronic disease” up to now.  He has written about 8 books including “Basic Natural Science” and “Cancer is not scary”.

*Take 1-3 packets a day with water or lukewarm water.  After effects are shown, 1 packet a day is sufficient.  If side effects appear, please stop the use and consult a physician or a pharmacist.

The main component of bread yeast and clear rice wine yeast is Saccharomyces ceresisae

♦  The main function of yeast compounds

The yeast arrives at the digestive tracts without being destroyed by the body’s gastric juices and acts as a probiotic that improves the health of your digestive system.

♦  Nutrients contained in 120 year-old yeast

  1. Essential amino acids
  2. B Vitamins
  3. About 10 types of minerals
  4. Fiber
  5. Supplies nucleic acids and a rich array of other nutrients throughout every corner of the body
  6. Degrades sugar and starch and transforms them into energy

Our bodies’ digestive functions become less effective with age and indigestion interferes with their ability to convert food into energy. That undigested food accumulates in our bodies as fat. However, ingesting yeast with food can break down sugar and starch in the stomach so that the food can be easily digested.

Yeast breaks down and discharges cholesterol, subcutaneous fat, bodily waste and fecal impaction. Yeast can also help reduce cholesterol and treat fatty liver disease (or alcohol-induced fatty liver) and arteriosclerosis. Moreover, yeast can activate cells, improve liver health, discharge toxins and transform acidic blood into healthy alkaline blood, thereby improving blood circulation and metabolism, which accelerates the replacement of old cells with new ones.

The Four Special Ingredients of Namanokoso

♦  Yeast compound (Bread yeast and Rice wine yeast)

Improves the body’s digestive system because it arrives in the digestive tracts alive

♦  Extract from fermented plants

Supplies yeast throughout the body and invigorates bodily functions by improving digestion

♦  Barley Sprouts

Barley sprouts bolster the effects of yeast compound and fermented plant extract (neutralizing body acidification)

♦  Procto-oligo sugar

Increases the number of probiotics in the body and cleans the digestive system

After years of research and experimenting, we were able to condensed the fermented plant extract, yeast compound, barley sprouts and procto-oligo sugar into one compact pouch.

Barley sprouts are young barley leaves that have grown around 20 to 30 centimeters long. The sprouts are rich in vitamin B, C, Calcium, Potassium, Carotene, Magnesium and Persian, which help with metabolism, burn fat, prevent arteriosclerosis, provide anti-aging effects, greatly suppress acidification and improve blood circulation by deterring cholesterol absorption and lowering cholesterol levels.

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